Global Growth Corridors

Building Global Growth Corridors

Presentation Room (Oval Room) February 14, 2020 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

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Shanker Subramaniam
Emma Sheldon MBE
Pedro Ivo Ferraz De Silva
Sweta Tiwari
Shruti Chandra
Vishal Gupta
Rohit Manchanda
Barak Granot

Developing connectivity between India and other global tech hubs. Provide commercialisation ecosystem for growth stage tech startups from India pursuing global markets, and launchpad for global tech startups entering India

Participating Hubs:

1. India-UK, 2. India-Israel, 3. India-Denmark 4. India-Australia 5. India-Brazil

Panel: Building bridges with global tech hubs (30 mins)

Representative of trade bodies, tech experts and ecosystem leaders from respective hubs

1. Introduction about each country’s tech ecosystem
2. Brief overview of specific programmes and opportunities in the corridor between India and respective country
3. Further discussion of things to consider for investors and entrepreneurs from India-to-global and Global-to-India perspective

Global Ecosystems Showcase Presentations (30 mins)

Snapshot ecosystem presentations from regional hubs and programmes

Pre-release of India-UK X-over

India-UK X-over (pronounced cross-over) is a globally focused programme for cross-market commercialisation and investment in tech based innovation, with a series of activities planned to take place in the UK and India over the next year.  India-UK X-over 50 is a list of 50 emerging tech ventures capable of delivering enterprise grade solutions in the India-UK (and Euro-Asia) corridor, compiled and published as part of the programme. A pre-release will take place as part of India Innovation Day.